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Grants Management Life Cycle for Grantees and Grantors

eCivis is the only end-to-end grants management system in the nation for state and local government. Our grants management system, Grants Network, covers both pre-award and post-award activities for both grantors and grantees. We consolidate what many organizations see as multiple grant processes – supported by many systems and information silos – into one seamless workflow.

In addition to our comprehensive grants management approach, we utilize some of the most innovative and cutting-edge cloud technology available. Our experience integrating with Tier 1 ERP systems, such as Sungard IFAS and PeopleSoft, simplifies reporting and management throughout the entire grants life cycle, and dramatically reduces implementation and setup times. This leads to faster Time-to-Value (TTV) and increases user adoption. The following is an overview of eCivis cloud technology capabilities.

System and Data Integration — eCivis offers cloud services to extract, transform, and load your organization’s financial grants information from your financial system, or ERP, to Grants Network. Improve your programmatic and fiscal grants compliance by integrating reimbursement, expense, budget and performance metric data from one, or many, sources to Grants Network automatically. eCivis can also load programmatic grants information into your system(s) from our pre-award research application to reduce data entry and missing data. With system integration, your organization will drive down costs and improve the management of your organization’s grants portfolio by increasing organizational transparency and reducing the overall time spent on grants management activities.

Project and Grant Data Migration — For state and local governments with large grants portfolios, eCivis offers cloud services to load current and historical grant data into eCivis. Reduce your implementation time and realize value quickly by choosing this valuable cloud service. Eliminate the need to manually enter your project and grant data.

Grants Management System: Grants Network (GN) Overview

Grants Network is an integrated suite of grants management applications. Each grants management application can be used separately, or as integrated platform to manage your entire grants life cycle from start to finish. Click the links below to read overviews of how Grants Network can address your pre-award and post-award grant needs:

Pre-Award for Grantees

Pre-Award for Grantors

Post-Award for Grantees and Grantors