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Grants Management Software Overview

Grants Management Solutions

eCivis is the only end-to-end grants management system in the nation for state, local, and tribal governments. Our grants management system, Grants Network (GN), covers both pre-award and post-award activities to help transform and simplify your entire grant funding process.


Save Time, Increase Capacity

Grants Management Software Overview

When it comes to grants, our conversations with state, local, and tribal governments have found that the greatest challenges are:

  • Workload created by grant research and administration
  • Changing guidelines and training needs
  • Collaboration and information sharing

Grants Network provides solutions to these challenges, with a suite of applications that address pre-award and post-award grant needs. Click below to learn more:


Solutions That Complement Your ERP

eCivis offers cloud services to extract, transform, and load your organization’s financial grants information from your ERP, or financial system, to simplify reporting and management throughout the entire grants life cycle and dramatically reduce implementation and setup times. This leads to faster Time-to-Value (TTV) and increases user adoption. We integrate with Tier 1 ERP systems such as Sungard IFAS, CGI, JDEdwards, and PeopleSoft.


We integrate with Tier 1 ERP systems such as Sungard IFAS, CGI, JDEdwards, and PeopleSoft


Key Capabilities:

  • Improve your programmatic and fiscal grants compliance by importing reimbursement, expense, budget, and performance metric data from one or many sources to Grants Network automatically.
  • Load programmatic grants information into your system(s) from our pre-award research application to reduce data entry and missing data.
  • Drive down costs and improve the management of your organization’s grants portfolio by increasing organizational transparency and reducing the overall time spent on grants management reporting.

Dedicated, Ongoing Support

We provide dedicated support staff that will get to know your team and processes. This allows new and transitioning personnel to share critical policies, procedures, and files with someone who understands and can bridge the knowledge gap. If there is a sudden change in personnel, for example, dedicated support teams can make an organization aware of critical timelines and missed activities. 

Project Setup

For state, local, and tribal governments with large grants portfolios, eCivis offers cloud services to load current and historical grant project data into eCivis. Reduce your implementation time and realize value quickly by choosing this valuable cloud service. Eliminate the need to manually enter your project and grant data.