Grant Management Solutions

Grant Acquisition

Grant revenue is critical. About $1 trillion in grants are available annually. Learn how we've revolutionized this process.

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Grant Management

Lack of standardization, poor collaboration and disparate tools. Managing grant performance requires a better system. 

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Grant Portal

Management of grant applicants and sub-recipients requires a sound process. Learn how we are modernizing this process.

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Grant Insights, Best Practice

There is a growing need for better resources, including training, best practices, and expert materials. Find them all in one place.

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What we do.

We modernize your grant process and improve programmatic and fiscal outcomes. Check out our video to see some of problems we help solve.

Who we work with.

We work with state, local and tribal governments that want to increase the acquisition of new grants, improve management of their grant awards, and collaborate with their community partners. Our clients include governments of all sizes. We also work with school districts, non-research universities, colleges, special districts and large nonprofits that have needs similar to those of state, local and tribal governments. Small nonprofits can often secure our services through their local government. 

How we do it.

For us, it's important that our clients feel like they have a real partner. If you ask our clients what makes us different, they will likely talk about the positive experience working with our people, and how simple the grant process becomes once they have our software.

Why you should NOT choose us.

This is supposed to be the part where we tell you why should work with us. Instead we'll tell you why should not.

If you are a research institution, grant consultant, student or individual looking for federal, state or private foundation grants. We focus on grants that have a history of giving to state, local and tribal governments.

There is no leadership support. One of the key reasons that grant funding is mismanaged is that leadership supports other priorities. This leaves grant managers with little ability to drive positive change or develop effective processes.

If you want to keep all of your processes the same. In our experience most grant processes are rarely optimized to save time. They are a result of smart people making due with the tools they have.  We work best with clients that want to improve there processes and are willing to change for the better.

If you only need a listing of grant opportunities. We read each grant and provide you a detailed analysis of the information you need. That's how we save you 90% of the time to research and find the right grant. If you just want access to a listing of grants, then there are many other solutions that can do that.  

Our tracking and reporting features are powerful, but if that's all you need from us, then you would be utilizing only 10 percent of our capabilities.

There is no empowered champion in your organization that can help gather information, communicate to stakeholders and and help support change management initiatives. If you don't have this, you will not be successful.

What to expect from us.

A Partner You Can Trust

We're more than a technology provider. We are a full service grant management solution. Our goal is to help your organization maximize the community impact of grant funded programs. We're here to help.

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