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69% of people that manage grants are not formally trained. 

The reality is that smart people are often asked to figure it [grants] out. It's an impossible task given the workload and budget constraints that government agencies consistently face. eCivis Grants Network¬© provides users with the ability to access grant training, expert guides, templates and tools that will help provide context to the complicated world of grant management. There are more dollars to manage and more job classifications that are being pulled into the administration of grant awards. Without a solid knowledge base for your team it's unlikely that things will get better on its own. 

Here the training and resources we provide to help improve performance and decrease workload:

  • Thompson's expert digital compliance guides and federal handbooks
  • Thompson's grants news and intelligence + GrantsWire
  • Thompson's webinars (additional fees may apply)
  • Uniform Guidance Training
  • Digital CFR Title 2 Grants and Agreements
  • Templates and tools library
  • Basic and advanced grant training

eCivis and Thompson partner to bring the most comprehensive and trusted guidance for anyone seeking and administering federal program funds. Here are a few of the expert resources you will find.

Thompson Digital Federal Grant Handbooks And Guides

Thompson's expert federal grant handbooks and guides can be accessed by anyone and anywhere. Modernize your compliance resources with Insight.


Uniform Guidance: Digital 2 CFR 200 Reference Guides

Uniform Guidance tools help your organization access key compliance topics, understand indirect costs and navigate using a simple keyword search. Integrate these tools into your grant process.



Grant News And Intelligence

Federal grant policy changes can significantly impact funding. Subscribers get firsthand access to information on any changes.


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Grant Acquisition (Pre-Award Management)

Grant Management (Post-Award Management)

State Grant Portal (Sub-Recipient Management)


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