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Grant Writing Services

Led by Dr. Bev Browning, eCivis Grants Professional Services (GPS) includes some of the best certified grant writers, trainers and grant experts across the nation. Dr. Browning works with our grants professionals to provide the highest level of service to organizations across the country. She brings over four decades of grant expertise and is the author of more than 40 grants-related publications, including Grant Writing for Dummies™.

GPS provides customized professional services that help clients throughout the pre-award phase of the grant lifecycle. We provide grant writing, training and coaching, peer review and custom research for projects. Our customized approach allows you to work with our team of grant professionals to receive grant writing support or develop a package of services that fit your needs and budget. Our services include:

  • Grant writing: We work with your organization at all stages of the grant writing process, from initial consultation to final draft, helping to produce a top-quality application and increase your cash reserves.
  • Peer review: We facilitate the proposal process by providing in-depth analysis of your application, ensuring that you cover all your application bases.
  • Training: Dr. Browning shares her extensive knowledge with you and your team, assisting in exploring private-sector funding options and creating an internal grant writing team, among other strategies.
  • Customized service package: We offer flexible services to provide you with funding opportunity analysis, technical assistance, and/or one-on-one coaching—a customized service package that fits your needs.

GPS offers grant assistance at all levels: finding grant opportunities relevant to your needs, peer review and writing assistance, and training seminars to develop your grants team. Whether you need assistance in one or multiple areas of the grants process, GPS can help position you for the win.

“Today's training was the best learning experience I had in a long time. I appreciate and value the opportunity to be here. Thank you is not enough, but thank you anyway!

Ninah Saavedra
Grants Manager
Hispanic Unity of Florida

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