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Grants Network: Tracking & Reporting manages your workload efficiently in a central location.

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Grants Network: Tracking & Reporting

eCivis Grants Network: Tracking & Reporting is a fully integrated grants management system that tracks your organization’s projects, tasks, spending and programmatic grant requirements. It enables you to track your project activities at every stage of the grants management lifecycle. Our clients save time, reduce costs and eliminate frustration by automatically performing and centralizing many of the administrative functions currently done by hand, on paper, and through multiple systems.

Grants Network: Tracking & Reporting provides you a cloud-based application to manage your workload efficiently in a central location. Built on a proven workflow used by some of the most grants-active organizations in the country, our software allows you to manage your grants through easy-to-use features: set the dates for progress reports and reimbursements, upload documents, and set up alerts for deadlines so that your organization has the transparency it needs to utilize every grant dollar awarded.

With Grants Network: Tracking & Reporting, you can manage your organization’s grants portfolio by departments and users, creating visibility into your grant team’s activities and allowing you to eliminate redundancies and unknowingly competing with another department for the same grant. With access to unlimited file storage, your grant team can upload all the documents and files required to track the progress and history of your grants.


  • Start to Finish: Manage thousands of grants, eliminate errors with one-click project-grant integration, and track your projects through every milestone in the grants process
  • Transparency: Experience ease-of-use and efficiency by eliminating paperwork and providing better visibility from top to bottom
  • Customization: Add, search, and apply for specific funding sources such as earmarks, formula grants, and general fund allocations
  • Freed-Up Cash, Easier Audits: Increase your usable funding, reduce dollars returned, and lower your audit expenses by having access to each grant and all associated documents at every stage in the grants management lifecycle
To find out if eCivis can help your organization improve its grant funding, contact us by Requesting More Information.