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Grants Network: Research finds and summarizes grant details, contacts funding agencies, and keeps you connected.

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Grant Management Research

eCivis Grants Network: Research provides exactly the information you need to find and win grants that help your organization meet its goals. We identify, analyze and publish highly relevant grant opportunities on federal, state and foundation grants. Our full-time research staff also works with funders to identify and answer questions and bridge information gaps that often come up in the research process. Each grant we research includes a professional summary and standardized set of support information so you can quickly determine if a grant is right for your project. Our clients have cut their research time by up to 80% and have significantly increased funding using Grants Network: Research.

Grants Network: Research gives you the advantage with a centralized grants management system containing tens of thousands of federal, state and foundation grant opportunities; keyword-match ranking based on customized search criteria; and the support of the largest professional grants research team in the industry to ensure that grant information is accurate.

eCivis is committed to providing a research solution that gives you the most complete grant information anywhere. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus on other activities such as writing winning applications.


  • Find Out First: Timely research allows you to focus on writing competitive applications
  • Find It Fast: Custom search tools give you quick access to grants and instant grant details
  • Find It All: An ever-expanding database provides you with the most relevant funding opportunities
  • Let It Find You: Automated search agents, daily and weekly emails, and grant updates deliver you the latest grant information
To find out if eCivis can help your organization improve its grant funding, contact us by Requesting More Information.