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Grants Network: KnowledgeBase gives your organization access to a collection of valuable resources.

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Grants Network: KnowledgeBase

eCivis Grants Network: KnowledgeBase provides educational and reference resources to hone individual grant-related skills and develop a world-class grants organization. eCivis Grants Network: KnowledgeBase can dramatically change the landscape and tenor of your grants activity by raising efficiency and skill levels, resulting in greater overall satisfaction from all stakeholders and enabling you to achieve the goals set by your leadership.

Grants Network: KnowledgeBase consists of automated training courses specifically developed to meet the needs of the grants community and easy-to-understand publications written by professionals involved in all aspects of the grants process. In the competitive grants world, time is limited and resources are scarce. Having the right people with the right training can make all the difference.


  • Publications: An extensive collection of subject briefs and articles covering every facet of the grants process and tailored to all levels within your organization
  • Automated Courses: Two levels of online courses to help guide you through the grants process
  • Resource Library: Downloadable and hyperlinked online resources to help you successfully find and win grant funding
  • Glossary: A complete A-Z source for grant-related terminology made simple
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