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Our grants management system and grant writing services cover the grants process from start to finish.

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Grants Management System

eCivis is the nation’s leading grants management system and the ideal platform for improving your organization’s grants performance. Our management system is an enterprise-wide, web-based software solution consisting of three industry leading products and services – Grants Network and Grants Professional Services – that allow local governments and community based organizations to drive success throughout the grants lifecycle. Grants Network is based on Software as a Service (SaaS) technology that eliminates high start-up costs and extra IT infrastructure and other IT support. The web interface reduces training needs and increases user adoption. eCivis’ grant management software is a system that scales to fit your organization and contains fully integrated components that minimize data entry and maximize results.

Our grants management system is comprised of the following products and services:

What Is Grants Network?

eCivis Grants Network combines over a decade of best practices from organizations with a proven history of success in grants into a suite of tools that allows organizations to find, manage, and learn about grants. Grants Network provides value, drives down costs, and offers pricing flexibility to fit in any organization’s budget. Grants Network is composed of three industry-leading products:

Grants Network: Research

Find Out First: Our proprietary research and analyses enable users to enjoy longer lead times to produce better applications.
Find It Fast: Our customized search tools allow users to enjoy rapid results across any and all parameters, and our QuickGlimpse hover tool exposes the details immediately.
Find It All: Our Grants Network team invests more than 40,000 hours of research a year on federal, state, and foundation grants, to ensure that users will find the best grants for their projects and can approach projects from innovative angles.
Let It Find You: Our grants management system has automated search agents, updates, and daily/weekly emails do all the heavy lifting and put the “pro” in proactive for you.

Grants Network: Tracking & Reporting

From Start to Finish: Manage thousands of grants with millions of data points.
From Grants Research to Grants Management: Save time and eliminate errors through our one-click project-grant integration.
From Staff to Executives: Experience ease-of-use and efficiency by eliminating the paper process and providing better visibility from top to bottom.
From Project Definition to Closeout: Track and propel your projects through every milestone with our grants management system.
From Earmarks to Other: Add, search, and apply for customized funding sources such as earmarks, formula grants, and general fund allocations.
From Funding to Audit: Increase your usable funding, reduce dollars returned, and lower your audit expenses by having access to each grant and all associated documents at every stage of the process with our grants management system.

Grants Network: KnowledgeBase

On-Demand Individual Training: Our self-paced skills-building with online education modules provide training when and where you need it.
On-Demand Organizational Development: Our online grants management system resources allow you to build or refine your organization.

What Is Grants Professional Services?

Industry expert Dr. Bev Browning, author of Grant Writing for Dummies™ and 37 other publications, leads eCivis’ Grants Professional Services (GPS). GPS provides clients with top quality grant writing, management, and strategic grant planning services.

With a vast network of proven, top quality grant writers, eCivis differentiates itself from other firms with our certified grants management system and a history of success. Dr. Browning’s grant expertise covers nearly four decades. As a result, her win rate is more than 75% during this time. This reputation of success is the scale used by eCivis to pick the best grant writers for our clients.

Grants Professional Services: Peer Review
With GPS: Peer Review, our team of experts will assist the proposal process by providing thorough analysis of your work, offering constructive, expert criticism to make certain that all application bases are covered.

Grants Professional Services: Training
With GPS: Training, Dr. Bev Browning will share her widespread knowledge with your organization and assist you in discovering private-sector funding options, crafting an internal grant writing team, and leveraging your financial resources by developing community partnerships, among others to improve your grants management system from start to finish.