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Grants Management System

eCivis is the most trusted and widely used cloud-based grants management system in the nation for state and local governments of all sizes. Our innovative grants management system addresses both programmatic and fiscal grant funding requirements throughout the grant life cycle, helping our clients easily overcome the challenges and heavy workload that come with managing grants. Whether you are a grant-seeking organization or a grant-making agency, eCivis can provide intuitive and easy-to-use software applications to support your needs.

Centralized Grants Management Solution

eCivis allows you to truly centralize your grants management processes into a single, easy-to-use system. Manage all your organization's pre-award or post-award activities in one place:


Centralized Grants Management Solution

  • Find Funding — Access the nation's most trusted and comprehensive single source of researched grants information. eCivis is the only firm in the country with a dedicated full-time professional research staff focused on summarizing federal, state, corporate, and foundation grants for government.

  • Create Funding Solicitations — Our grants management system provides grant-making organizations the ability to solicit grant applications or track pass-through funding to sub-recipients. Whether you are a state agency making federal funding available to local government applicants, or a local government managing a CDBG or transportation grant award, eCivis provides you a simple software application to solicit and monitor the outcomes of your applicants and awardees.

  • Manage Awards — Centralize all your grants management processes through a single system. Whether you have an award that your staff is managing, or you are monitoring sub-recipients with pass-through funding, eCivis allows you to track and report on all of your important grants management requirements.

  • Track Outcomes — Manage performance outcomes easily. Create metrics for each grant award you receive or create outcomes for your sub-recipients. Easily view available funding balances and share your outcomes through standard or custom reports.

  • Monitor Recipients / Sub-Recipients — Set up reporting requirements and outcomes you assign sub-recipients. Use calendar integration to assign tasks as reminders and track the history of completed tasks in real time.

  • Improve Collaboration — Assign recurring or nonrecurring tasks to individuals, groups, or organization-wide. Send grant funding opportunities to other department users and apply for grant funding with other departments and allocate the award as needed. Assign internal and external users tasks, and determine if other departments are considering the same grant.

  • Reduce Time Spent — Simple, innovative functionality reduces how much time your team spends on grant activities. Leveraging nearly 15 years of experience working with state and local government, eCivis has created an easy-to-use grants management system that minimizes data entry and improves usability through simple integrations to your most widely used systems.

  • Improve Compliance — Map your own internal policy and procedures to task and approval workflows you create in eCivis. Make important tasks a requirement throughout your organization, or in one department. Require approvals by finance before pursuing a grant, or set up committee reviews of spending reports. You can manage these tasks and see your organization's history by project or grant.

  • Pursue Funding — Led by Dr. Beverly Browning, eCivis Grants Professional Services includes some of the best certified grant writers, trainers, and grant experts across the nation. eCivis works with our grant professionals to provide the highest level of service to organizations across the country. Dr. Browning herself brings over four decades of grant expertise and is the author of more than 41 grant-related publications, including Grant Writing for Dummies™.

Customized Grant Writing Solutions

Our grant professionals provide customized services that help clients throughout the application preparation phase of the grant life cycle. We provide grant writing, training and coaching, peer review, and custom research for projects. Our customized approach allows you to work with our team of grant professionals to receive grant writing support or develop a package of services that fit your needs and budget. Our services include:

  • Grant Writing — We work with your organization at all stages of the grant writing process, from initial consultation to final draft, helping to produce a top-quality application and increase your cash reserves.

  • Peer Review — We facilitate the proposal process by providing in-depth analysis of your application, ensuring that you cover all your application bases.

  • Customized Service Package — We offer flexible services to provide you with funding opportunity analysis, technical assistance, and/or one-on-one coaching – a customized service package that fits your needs.

Our grant experts offer grant assistance at all levels: finding grant opportunities relevant to your needs, peer review and writing assistance, and training seminars to develop your grants team. Whether you need assistance in one or multiple areas of the grants process, our team can help your team win. Learn more.

Excellent source of knowledge and informatin. With over 25-years of experience, there was so much to learn. This was the best grant training I have had in a long time. Thank you!

Mary Windham
DeKalb County, Illinois

Today's training was the best learning experience I had in a long time. I appreciate and value the opportunity to be here. Thank you is not enough, but thank you anyway!

Ninah Saavedra
Grants Manager
Hispanic Unity of Florida

The technical assistance I received during the grant application process helped make the process easier on me and eliminated a lot of the stress associated with grant writing. The eCivis GPS staff I worked with truly cares about the success of my organization. Winning the Drug Free Communities grant allows us to continue our mission and to make a difference in our community!

Cristina Myers, CPP
Executive Director
Chisholm KIDS PLUS