eCivis Grants Products & Services

Our grants management system and grant writing services cover the grants process from start to finish.


Grant Management System

eCivis Grants Network, Grants Professional Services, and Grants Management Consulting make up an all-inclusive grants management system that provides organizations of any size with the tools and resources necessary to find, win and manage grant funding. Our suite of web-based software applications, along with our unrivaled grant-writing services and grants management consulting, cover all aspects of the grants process from start to finish.

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The Best Tools for Grants Success

Do you need access to the leading grants management software? You’ve come to the right place! At eCivis, you’ll find an array of services to help you get the most out of our grant management system. With our help, your organization can improve efficiency with the tools you need at your fingertips. Our concise grants management software allows you access to all levels of service needed to improve your grant operations. Read more about our grants management system to find out how our products and services can help your organization find, receive, and manage grants.

eCivis Features:

  • For Local GovernmentOur grants management software includes professional research, a dedicated client services associate, top grant writers, tracking and reporting, training services, and more.
  • For Healthcare SystemsOur health care grants management system includes search tools for research, workflow management and reporting, training services, support services, organizational tools, and more.
  • For NonprofitsFor a nonprofit organization, we offer innovative tools for research, search tools, and more.

Now that you’ve found eCivis, you can take your grant writing to a whole new level. Local governments, health care systems, and nonprofits rely on us for the greatest value and unmatched service.

Grants Management Software You Can Rely On

When you turn to us for grants management, you’ll discover the most efficient ways of addressing your needs. With our leading grants management system, you’ll join those that are leading the way for grant success among various industries. eCivis has risen to the top of the grants management market, while connecting with organizations around the country.

eCivis is Ideal for:

With eCivis, your organization will have access to advantages like:

  • Flexible Pricing
  • Comprehensive Grants Research
  • Accurate Grants Information
  • Quality Grants Information
  • Low Cost
  • Fully Integrated
  • Proven Track Record of Success
  • And More

What Is Grants Network?

Grants Network provides full grants lifecycle support through innovative technology solutions. It is the most widely used grants management system in the nation and supports state and local governments, nonprofits, schools and private corporations. From pre-award grants activities such as research, and web-based training and education, to post-award management and compliance, Grants Network provides simple, affordable solutions that translate into the results you want. Grants Network is a suite of innovative grant solutions:

What Is Grants Professional Services?

Grants Professional Services provides customized professional services from the nation’s top grants professionals to help clients throughout the grants lifecycle.

Pre-Award Services

We provide grant writing, training and coaching, peer review, and custom research for projects. Our customized approach allows you to work with our team of grant professionals to receive grant writing support or develop a package of services that fit your needs and budget. With a nationwide network of certified, proven grant writers, eCivis distinguishes itself from other firms with our quality and a long history of success.

Post-Award Services

We guide the design and optimization of your grant management processes. Whether you’re about to write your first grant for a nonprofit organization or you’re managing a large grants portfolio, eCivis can address your particular needs and prepare your organization to manage grant funding in the post-award phase of the grant lifecycle.