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eCivis and Grants Network

Q: What is eCivis?

A: For more than a decade, eCivis has provided web-based grants management software to thousands of state, local, and tribal governments large and small. Our market includes some of the largest cities and counties (by population) in the United States, as well as special-purpose districts; schools, school districts, colleges, and academic institutions.

Q: What grants management software does eCivis offer?

A: Our grants management software suite, Grants Network™, includes an all-inclusive grants database continually updated by our in-house research team, tracking and reporting software for grants compliance, an online grants university for team training, and cloud-based data integration technology for highly grant-active organizations. To learn more about Grants Network, click here.

Q: What's the ROI on Grants Network?

A: Return on investment (ROI) is one of our most commonly asked questions. There are several economic benefits that our clients have communicated to us in different areas. Combined, these benefits are some of the many reasons why 90% of our 1,800+ clients renew our services and hundreds of new clients partner with us each year.

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Common benefits that customers experience include:

  • Increased grant funding from various sources (federal, state, and private foundations)
  • Lower cost to manage grants
  • Decrease in returned grant dollars from audit findings or disallowed costs
  • Improved reporting through powerful grants management tools
  • Less data entry — resulting from integrated data from financial systems
  • Improved overall productivity
  • Ability to better collaborate/coordinate funding for future projects and programs within the organization

Q: How much do your products and services cost?

A: eCivis provides flexible pricing for any size organization. Price is dependent on product mix, population, and other factors.

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  1. Population(state and local government). For all other type so of grant-active organizations, price is based on the level of subscription — limited license or enterprise.
    1. Limited license is generally for organizations with 10 or fewer people participating in grant activities.
    2. Enterprise is generally for organizations with multiple departments, groups, people (10+) participating in grant activities.
  2. Mix of services — We have several services that make up our SaaS application: eCivis Grants Network (Research, Tracking & Reporting, KnowledgeBase, and Data Integration). We also have professional services that include various levels of grant writing, peer review, training, and other customized grant services.
  3. Number of years subscribed — The longer the Grants Network subscription period, the better the pricing.

Q: Who are your clients?

A: Our clients range from small townships, to large cities, to tribal governments, to states, counties, and large corporations. Grants Network is used by thousands of government offices, and community-based organizations, and is the foundation for some of the most successful grant organizations in the country. Check out our testimonials and case studies for examples.

Q: Who are the end users of your products?

“A: Various staff within an organization benefit from our grants management software, including:

  • City Managers/County Administrators: Review and manage funding streams.
  • Grant Managers: Manage the portfolio organization-wide, including setting workflows, approvals, and due dates.
  • Department Managers: Easily enter and review grant-related tasks and data.
  • Auditors: Review documents by project, grant, or department.

Q: Do you assist organizations located outside the United States?

A: No.

Q: What kind of grants can I expect to find with eCivis?

A: Geographically applicable grants, loans, and technical assistance programs of all sizes from federal and state agencies, as well as foundations, associations, and regional organizations and agencies. Our grants research product provides a comprehensive collection of relevant grants.

Q: Do you have a research team?

A: Yes. Our in-house team performs in-depth research and analysis on grants from federal, state, and foundation sources. Each grant in eCivis is a legitimate funding opportunity, summarized and clarified to save you time and help you decide if it is worth pursuing.

Q: Where are you located?

A: eCivis has offices in California, Arizona, and Texas. We also work with over 140 of the top grant professionals across the country to provide services and training.

Q: Can I see how Grants Network works?

A: Yes. Our Grants Network videos demonstrate our suite of services, including our database, tracking and reporting software, and online grants university. You can also request a short demo.

Q: Where can I read about all your products and services?

A: Here is our products and services overview page.

Q: Are your services a la carte or an all-in-one solution?

A: You can purchase products/services individually or as a bundle — the more economical option.

Q: Is Grants Network accessible only from my work computer?

A: No. Grants Network is available anywhere with internet access. All you need is your username and password.

Q: May I set up a demo to learn more about your products?

A: Yes. Set up a demo here and we'll contact you soon.

Q: Can I sign up for articles about grants management and grant writing?

A: Absolutely. Email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to get started. You can also sign up to receive blog article notifications on the eCivis blog page.





Grant Writing Services

Q: What grant writing services do you provide?

A: In addition to our Grants Network suite of grants management software, eCivis provides Grants Professional Services (GPS) for customers seeking full grant writing services, editorial peer review assistance, or grant writing training. Our team of writers brings nearly four decades of successful grant writing experience to our clients.

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We have more than 140 grant writers specializing in federal, state, and foundation grant writing ready to assist your local government agency or organization. Learn more about Grants Professional Services here.


Q: How much does grant writing cost?

A: Pricing for grant writing services is quoted on a case-by-case basis. Fees depend on several factors:

  • Due date
  • Length of narrative to be written
  • Client's availability/engagement in working with the assigned grant writing contractor
  • Additional client needs, including conference calls, assistance with forms, and assistance with registering for online e-grant system

Q: Do you review or edit proposals?

A: Yes. We offer peer review/ editing services to ensure that your application meets all the requirements and is ready to submit to the funder. We also offer full grant writing services.

Q: Do you accept commission-based payment from won grant money?

A: No. Payment based on whether a grant is won is against both eCivis and Grant Professionals Association (GPA) ethics. eCivis accepts only payment up front for grant writing services. To read more about ethical implications of paying a grant writer with grant award money, click here.

Q: Can you show me an example of a grant writing win you were a part of?

A:eCivis has helped clients win millions in grant dollars for communities across the United States. Take, for example, the Loveland Fire Rescue Authority in Colorado.





eCivis for Arizona

What is eCivis for Arizona?

The State of Arizona has partnered with eCivis to publish all state grants through eCivis' cloud-based grants management system, Grants Network: Research. The State of Arizona has created a web-based portal into Grants Network so that users searching for Arizona state grants can access standardized, highly relevant grant information that is easy to find, understand, and save. Any interested local government entities or organizations in search of Arizona state grants can sign up and access eCivis through a Grants Network: Research (Limited) license for free.

How does eCivis differ from other available grant research options?

We employ full-time professional research staff that distills complicated grants information into easy-to-understand and standardized modules so users can readily find and process grant information. Our standard level of service for all our products includes the following:

  • Professional grant analysis– Grant summary, financial information, eligibility data, contact information and associated files all in one location.
  • Hover-over grant summary feature– See a summary when you place your cursor over a grant in the search results.
  • Ability to save grants and/or search criteria– Save grants you are considering, or save the search criteria and have the application email you alerts automatically.
  • Cutting-edge search engine with suggested keywords– Incredibly fast and accurate search results with keyword suggestions.
  • Advanced search filters– Search by due date, funder type, grant type, etc.
  • Previously previewed grants – Grants you have already viewed are indentified so you don't review grants more than once.

Who can use eCivis for Arizona?

All interested local government entities or organizations in search of Arizona state grants. There are NO grants for individuals or students seeking education grants.

I am a current eCivis client. How does eCivis for Arizona affect me?

If you are a current eCivis client, nothing will change. You will continue to enjoy access to your state's grants, as well as federal and foundation grants, with the full complement of features (as described below).

As a paid subscriber, you benefit from no limitation of the features available in Grants Network per your licensing agreement.

Is there a difference between Grants Network: Research (Limited) and a paid eCivis license?

Yes. The Grants Network: Research (Limited) license access provides very basic, research-only features from eCivis, but only for Arizona state grants. The checklist below provides a comparison between the different license types:

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FeatureGrants Network: Research (Limited)Full License
Access to Arizona State Grants x x
Access to Federal Grants   x
Access to Foundation Grants   x
Access to Archive Grants – research grant history and information from prior periods   x
Keyword Search – common terms are automatically generated as you type in your search x x
Save Viewed Grants x x
Save Search Criteria – grants that meet your criteria are emailed to you x x
Library of Previously Funded Applications – access winning grant applications   x
Grant Conflict – see if others in your organization are viewing or saving a grant   x
Share Grants Internally – share with other users and assign to projects   x
Organizational Funding – create a funding source that is unique to your organization and assign to a project   x
Create User Account(s)   x
Set Up Pre-Award Tasks   x
Set Up Pre-award Approval Workflows   x

How does eCivis for Arizona benefit the State of Arizona?

The State of Arizona is able to streamline the solicitation of its grants through a single, easy-to-use web application for eligible grantees. eCivis' professional research staff summarizes each grant solicitation from the State of Arizona's departments into a standardized format so portal users can easily search and determine their eligibility for grant funding.