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Our grants management system and grant writing services, cover the grants process from start to finish.


Thousands of local governments, tribes, and organizations choose eCivis as their go-to source for all things grants-related.

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Manage the whole grant life cycle from start to finish with grants management software, not Excel spreadsheets.

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As your team plans for the new fiscal year in July, consider how competitive grant funding can help supplement funding needs.

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methodologies in grant writing

Learn the methodologies for successful grant seeking, grant planning, and grant writing.

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Here's what some of our clients had to say…

  • Ken_StriplinCity of Santa Clarita, CA

    The City of Santa Clarita regularly utilizes eCivis' grant research and management software, and over the last five years, we have successfully garnered over $55 million in grant funding that has resulted in many projects for our community.

    Ken Striplin
    City Manager
    City of Santa Clarita, CA

    City of Maricopa, AZCity of Maricopa, AZ

    eCivis has streamlined the grant research process for the City of Maricopa and created partnerships with local nonprofit agencies by sharing community-based organizations. Efficient use of time and effective partnerships have resulted in more competitive grant applications for our community.

    Mary Witkofski
    Grants Manager
    City of Maricopa, AZ

  • Tulsa County, OK Tulsa County, OK

    eCivis is the best grants program by far. It has much better functionality than other programs on the market.

    Family & Children Services
    Tulsa County, OK

    Santa Clara County, CA Santa Clara County, CA

    eCivis makes my job easier.

    David Pierce
    Senior Management Analyst
    Santa Clara County, CA

  • Tulsa County, OK Tulsa County, OK

    eCivis gives me everything I need in one place. The advance notices particularly help us prepare, so we have the programs and processes in place when grants are officially announced. Often the deadlines are quick, and we could miss the opportunities other.

    Debbie Benight
    Tulsa County, OK

    City of Boynton Beach, FL City of Boynton Beach, FL

    I don't know how I'd manage my grants without eCivis… It's like having a little grants management angel on my shoulder.

    Jody Rivers
    Parks Superintendent
    City of Boynton Beach, FL

  • Inova Health System Inova Health System

    There are multiple grants that our office is involved with, creating the potential to miss important details. eCivis allows us to create tasks and reminders for things that we need to be aware of, such as progress and financial reports.

    Linette R. Anderson
    Grants Coordinator
    Inova Health System

    City of Chicago, IL City of Chicago, IL

    Your notification about DOJ's JAG award saved the day for us. This is a $6.2 million award for us. We made the deadline, and couldn't have done so without your notification.

    Police Department
    City of Chicago, IL

  • City of Avondale, AZ City of Avondale, AZ

    If it weren't for eCivis, we wouldn't have any new grant money coming in. It simply wouldn't be possible for us to do the research. The search feature and summaries save 90% of the time we used to spend going through each grant.

    Janeen Gaskins
    Grants Administrator
    City of Avondale, AZ

    City of Boynton Beach, FL City of Boynton Beach, FL

    eCivis worked with us to deliver a system that really thinks of everything. I am consistently impressed with the effort, ability, and knowledge of eCivis.

    Debbie Majors
    Grants Cordinator
    City of Boynton Beach, FL

  • City of Pasadena City of Pasadena

    All projects in Pasadena's Arroyo Seco (a 1,000-acre recreational and natural area park and urban forestry street), as well as park tree planting projects and city park renovation projects, are solely funded by grants. eCivis is our primary source when initially obtaining grant information!

    Elise Jackson
    Arroyo Seco Program Coordinator
    City of Pasadena

    Goodyear, AZ Goodyear, AZ

    [Without eCivis] Goodyear would probably be out of the grants business, or at least the federal grants business, as missed reports, reimbursements, and so on would have prevented the city from ever being funded again by certain federal agencies.

    Goodyear, AZ



eCivis grants management system is the ideal platform for improving your organization's grants performance. Our software is a web-based and enterprise-wide solution consisting of industry leading products and services that drive success throughout the grants lifecycle. Our grants management system is based on Software as a Service (SaaS) technology that eliminates extra IT infrastructure, high start-up costs, and additional IT support. The user friendly interface increases adoption, and reduces training needs. Our web-based system is scalable to fit your organization’s needs and features fully integrated components that minimize data entry and maximize grant results.

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Grants Management Software of Choice

Our grants management system combines over a decade of experience with a proven history of grants success into a comprehensive system of tools that allow grants — active organizations to find, manage, learn and win grants. eCivis provides value on every level of the grants process, and offers pricing flexibility to fit any organization. Read just a few features and benefits of our industry-leading products:

A Single Source for Comprehensive Grants Intelligence

  • Our proprietary research and analyses enable users to enjoy longer lead times to produce better applications.
  • Our customized search tools allow users to enjoy rapid results across any and all parameters.
  • We have a team dedicated to researching federal, state, and foundation grants, to ensure that users will find the best grants for their projects.
  • Our grants management system has automated search agents, updates, and daily/weekly emails do all the heavy lifting.

Track and Propel Your Grants

  • Manage thousands of grants with millions of data points.
  • Save time and eliminate errors through our one-click project-grant integration.
  • Experience ease-of-use and efficiency by eliminating the paper process and providing better visibility from top to bottom.
  • Track and propel your projects through every milestone with our grants management system.
  • Add, search, and apply for customized funding sources such as earmarks, formula grants, and general fund allocations using our grants research database.
  • Increase your usable funding, reduce dollars returned, and lower your audit expenses by having access to each grant and all associated documents at every stage of the process with our grants management system.

The Online Grants Management System for Grant Education and Training

  • Online education modules provide training on our grants management software whenever and wherever.
  • Our online grants management system resources allow you to build or refine your organization.

Grants Management Software You Can Rely On

eCivis is the nation's leading grants management software for accurate grants information, reporting, management, and grant writing. There is simply no other product that comes close to matching our quality, design, capability, and expertise. From Los Angeles to Orlando to Washington DC, thousands of government offices and community organizations of every size rely on eCivis' grants management software to drive their own grants success.

  • Grants Management Software for Local Government. Our grants management and grants professional service solution is the foundation for some of the most successful grant organizations in the country.

  • Grants Management Software for Nonprofits. Grants management tools to quickly and accurately identify grant opportunities, and free up time to write more grants and win more funding.

  • Grants Management Software for Healthcare Agencies. Our software solution provides healthcare systems with a variety of applications and services to improve grants performance.


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Grants Management System
eCivis grants management system is the ideal platform for improving your organization's grants performance.

Grants Management Software
eCivis is the nation's leading grants management software for accurate grants information, reporting, management, and grant writing.

EMS Grants
Emergency Medical Services grants provide funding for expenses such as equipment, training, and salaries in order to provide necessary protection to their respective communities.

Fire Department Grants
Fire department grants are widely used today to provide direct funding to local fire departments to help acquire needed equipment and services.

Parks and Recreation Grants
Parks and recreation grants are primarily funded by the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) Act to help preserve, develop, and assure access to outdoor recreation facilities to strengthen the health of U.S. citizens.

Law Enforcement Grants
Law enforcement grants may be used for equipment, improvement to vehicles, education and training for departments and communities, as well as funding to support increased employment within an agency.

Local Governments
eCivis provides local governments and community organizations with the following key benefits through its Grants Network Products and Grant Professional Services.

Healthcare Systems
eCivis provides healthcare systems with a variety of applications and services to improve grants performance.

Return on Investment
With eCivis you'll have an immediate and significant ROI as a result of increased productivity, time efficiency, and grant applications.