4 key takeaways from Detroit's comeback that are relevant to other local governments

4 Takeaways
from Detroit's Comeback

How are the technology strategies from Detroit relevant to other cities across the nation?

Re-thinking the grant funding process to transform state, local, and tribal governments

Sustainable Software Leads to Sustainable Government
Re-thinking the Intergovernmental Grant Funding Process to Transform State and Local Governments.

GM System

7 Keys to Selecting the Right
Grant Management System

Read what other local governments have sought in grant management systems and key criteria to look for.

The nation's most-trusted grant management system

Thousands of Organizations Rely on Us for Grant Management

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Grant Management Software for Your Organization

eCivis' grant management system is the ideal platform for improving your organization's grants performance. Our software is a cloud-based and enterprise-wide solution consisting of industry-leading products and services that drive success across the grants life cycle, from grant acquisition to grant management to close-out. Our grant management system is based on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology that eliminates extra IT infrastructure, high start-up costs, and additional IT support. Our user-friendly interface increases adoption and reduces training needs. eCivis is scalable to fit your organization's needs, and features fully integrated components that minimize data entry and maximize grant results.

Proven Experience

Since 2000, eCivis has provided grant management solutions to local governments and other public and private sector organizations, allowing grant-active organizations to find and manage grants through close-out. eCivis provides value at every stage and need.

Features and Benefits

Some features and benefits of our suite of products and services include:

Comprehensive Grant Intelligence

  • Proprietary research and analysis so users have more time to develop competitive grant applications
  • Customized search tools and automated search agents, updates, and daily/weekly emails do all the heavy lifting
  • Expert articles and guidance on changing federal grant management guidelines
  • In-house team that researches federal, state, and foundation grants to ensure that users find relevant grants
  • A dedicated agent to assist you with your grant needs

A Simple System for Complex Needs

  • Access thousands of grants with a user-friendly interface
  • Stay transparent and accountable with your workflows and grant activities
  • Save time and eliminate errors through our one-click project-grant integration
  • Experience ease-of-use and efficiency by eliminating inefficient paperwork
  • Track and propel your projects through every milestone with an all-in-one grant management system
  • Increase your usable funding, reduce dollars returned
  • Lower your audit expenses and readily access all grants and associated documents

Reliable Service Across the Nation

eCivis is the nation's leading grant management software for accurate grant acquisition, award management, and grant writing. There is simply no other product that comes close to matching our quality, design, capability, and expertise. From Los Angeles to Washington, D.C., thousands of state, local, and tribal government offices and community-based organizations rely on us to drive their grants success.