Estimated Return On Investment (ROI)

Need to calculate the benefits of eCivis’ grants management software for your organization? With eCivis you’ll have an immediate and significant ROI as a result of increased productivity, time efficiency, and grant applications. You’ll also experience long-term savings of time and money spent researching grants and increased grant awards for funding!

ROI Calculator
  1. What is Researching Grants Costing you?

    Researching grants costs you valuable time. If you have ever been a Grant Coordinator, you understand this. Time equals money, and both are more precious than ever these days.

    Learn how you can Cut Costs, Save Time (eCivis saves 80% of your time researching grants), and Increase Your Grant Funding (eCivis increases your grant wins 2-3 times more within 18 months) for your vital projects by using eCivis' Grants Management System.

  1. What is Researching Grants Costing you?

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  1. What is Researching Grants Costing you?

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  1. How much funding are you Winning?

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