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Case Studies

Read about some of the innovative ways in which our clients have benefited from our grants management software and services. If you're a grants professional looking for increased grant funding and the best system in place to manage it, look to us as your one source for all things grant-related.

Increases Grant Awards by 204%
Industry: Local Government

With eCivis, grant awards rose 204% and the time Norfolk spent searching for grants was virtually eliminated. Community-based organizations began to understand the entire grants process better and were more successful in pursuing funding opportunities.

By educating non-profits about funding opportunities, eCivis has directly impacted the quality of life for Norfolk residents by allowing our community based organizations to provide services not available without funding from new sources... Overall, we've seen a 204% increase in grant awards to the city of Norfolk and our community based organizations using eCivis.

— Janet Williams, City Auditor, Norfolk, VA
An Early Head Start for the Children of Lima, OH
Industry: Nonprofit

eCivis spoke with Michael Hayden, Director of Community Impact for the United Way of Greater Lima, Ohio, about the impact that eCivis grant writer Linda Butler had on the community.

We are most excited by the Early Head Start grant, as it will allow for over 80 additional children to benefit from critically needed services which otherwise could not be provided.

— Michael Hayden, Director of Community Impact
Time and Missed Opportunities
Industry: Local Government

The City of Apache Junction saved 10 - 15 hours per week researching grant opportunities, resulting in less rushing and better project planning.

eCivis provided an outlet for [Apache Junction] to seek and find grants easily. The ability to search in one location ... reduced the research time and missed grant opportunities.

— Heather Patel, Grants Coordinator
Finding Applicable Funding for Large Dollar Amounts
Industry: Health Care

The Council of Community Clinics used eCivis Grants Network to locate relevant grant information and provide timely notices of deadlines to its 16 community clinics around San Diego.

We applied for a grant from the Blue Shield of California Foundation that I found on eCivis in the weekly emails.... [I]n this case, [BSCF] had an open LOI process that we weren’t aware of prior to the eCivis email.

— Vicki Suchsland, Grant Writer
Centralized Organization Between Departments and Locations
Industry: Tribal Grants

Using eCivis’ Grants Network, Osage Nation’s Office of Strategic Planning & Grants Management turned to eCivis to provide tracking and reporting software, as well as a user-friendly research database to efficiently locate grants.

[The] software eCivis provides is a very functional and user-friendly tool that addresses the need to maintain grant information.

— Penny Gann-Bradford, Compliance Manager
Many Projects, One Database
Industry: Local Government

eCivis Grant Network: Research database was a logical choice for locating potential grant opportunities and provided a means to share those opportunities with various personnel.

The win rate for grants at the county increased after subscribing to eCivis because the county was better able to identify and pursue opportunities and therefore obtain more awards.

— Ken Watt, Grants Manager
One Team Utilizing One Database
Industry: Local Government

The City decided to purchase of Grants Network: Research so that its grants team could spend less time researching grant opportunities and more time writing grant applications. The City also purchased Grants Network: KnowledgeBase to provide its team with articles and guidance on the grants world.

eCivis... also helps the other 12 plus members of my team. We can all focus on one grant summary and decide quickly whether or not it's a good opportunity to pursue.

— Amy Shankland, Grant Coordinator
Expert Peer Review Service
Industry: Emergency Services

After applying for and winning two Assistance to Firefighter Grants totaling more than $1 million, Loveland used its award dollars to purchase new emergency service equipment.

The decision to utilize Dr. Beverly Browning’s services for application peer review was made for one reason: We desperately needed funding for these programs.

— Lt. Pat Mialy, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
Increases Competitive Grant Dollars with eCivis
Industry: Local Government

Raleigh, NC, one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S., subscribed to eCivis Grants Network to help standardize their grants management process and increase the number of grants applications, while decreasing the time grant writers spent searching for grants.

eCivis is one of a kind. It came very highly recommended from Debbie Majors in FL... Another reason we chose eCivis was because we simply didn't find a product that could do what eCivis could do and that was a huge selling point.

— Angel Wright-Feldman, Intergovernmental Relations Manager, Raleigh, NC
Improving Grants Acquisition, Management, and Audit with eCivis
Industry: Local Government

Using eCivis' products, Loudoun County centralized its grants-management process, which eliminated redundancies, drastically reducied the time spent searching for, pursuing, and managing grant funding, and reduced the audit anomalies related to grants.

With LCGI in place, not only have we significantly enhanced grant acquisition, management, and accountability, but we are also looking forward to providing event better benefits to our taxpayers in the future. As we continue to implement the entire eCivis Grants Network system, we expect to reduce our total cost of audit preparation, allowing us to allocate additional funds for citizen-desired program and services.

— Ari Sky, Budget Officer, Loudoun County
Finds Relevant Grant Opportunities for Local Nonprofit Organizations
Industry: Community Based Organization (CBO)

Flintridge Center has seen significant benefits, including expanded management support services, saved time, and up-to-date grant opportunity information since the purchase of their eCivis Grants Network subscription.

eCivis has been a great timesaver, providing up-to-date information about federal and other grant opportunities in an easy-to-use platform. It takes away the burden of researching grants.

— Karen Gerst, Communications & Grants Management, Flintridge Center
Tracking & Reporting Helps Recoup $1M in Reimbursements
Industry: Local Government

Within six months of implementing Tracking & Reporting, the city had secured more than $1M in outstanding grant reimbursements. In addition, grant activity increased from $1.3M to more than $3M, and showed no signs of slowing down.

[Without eCivis] Goodyear would probably be out of the grants business, or at least the federal grants business, as missed reports, reimbursements, and so on would have prevented the city from ever being funded again by certain federal agencies.

— Matthew Hanson, Grants Administrator, Goodyear, AZ
Grants Management Turns “Golden”
Industry: Local Government

City employees found that Tracking and Reporting (T&R) made grants management significantly easier by cutting down on the stress and hassle of a previously heavy workload. T&R users became more efficient at managing grant awards and seeking additional funding, which resulted in a recent audit report document go from “good to golden,” according to the auditor.

I don't know how I'd manage my grants without eCivis. Now I don't have to remember when things are due or worry whether they're on the calendar. I just plug in all the dates for progress reports, photographs, and reimbursements, and it reminds me when they're needed; no chance of missing deadlines.

— Jody Rivers, Parks Superintendent, City of Boynton Beach, FL
Doubles Grant Awards and Applies for Critical Highway Funding
Industry: Local Government

Avondale doubled the dollar value of grants received in its first two years using eCivis, and they collaborated with the Arizona Department of Transportation to apply for a $1.5 million grant to improve traffic flow.

Using eCivis… has really enhanced collaboration between our city and the state.

— Janeen Gaskins, Grants Administrator, Avondale, AZ